The ‘holidays’ can be one of the most exciting and uplifting times of year for some and utterly painful for others. Some of our colleagues and friends are going through health crises, others are grieving the loss of loved ones, and others are just plain exhausted and/or stressed from the challenges that teaching brings. This holiday season, the Fluency Matters Team made it a goal to brighten your days by bringing some excitement, joy, and fun into your lives and into your classrooms.

Truly, we wanted to make this Christmas (Hanukkah/Holiday) season a great one for our followers, friends and colleagues, so we decided to pull out all the stops by giving away over $9000 in gifts. Kristy Placido and I (Carol Gaab) managed the live Races, and we can tell you firsthand that watching your excitement over the race and the prizes was probably more fun than actually racing and winning. It was heartwarming to watch the camaraderie and cooperation between “competitors,” as winners coached others in how to win the next race.

We did our best to make your holidays merry and bright, and ironically, it is all of YOU who made our Christmas great. We want to extend a warm ‘thank you’ to all of you who supported us throughout the last year, to those who passionately ran the Amazing Christmas Race, and to those who poured out words of appreciation and acclamation in response to the Race. You have helped the Fluency Matters bring 2017 to an amazing close, and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts. (See some of our favorite quotes/responses below.)

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Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah and Happy Holidays from the Fluency Matters Team

We were surprised by this cute gift and note that we received in the mail last week.

Dear Fluency Matters Crew. The Christmas contest has been a BLAST, and now you can have one too. Thanks SO MUCH for all you do! High Five! From Lynn H.

Words of affirmation and thanks warmed our hearts. Thank you so much for your kind thoughts and wishes.

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