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There are so many new things happening!

At Fluency Matters, we’ve been BUSY! Busy creating new comprehension-based readers and teacher’s guides, plus lots of new surprises which we will be ready to tell you about later this fall! Stay tuned! Here’s a little peek at some of the many new projects we’ve been preparing for you!

We know that novice readers need compelling stories too! We have fun and adventure in store for them! Brand new this fall are Mata la piñata (coming in late October!) and El chico global (now available!).

In Mata la piñata by Kristy Placido, readers are swept away to Guadalajara, Mexico, where Joel’s friend Diego experiences every 13-year- old’s worst nightmare: a birthday party with a piñata! However, Joel, Diego, and their friends have no idea that the real horror is just beginning! After the party, Joel can’t shake the feeling that the party isn’t over… Something evil has followed him home and seems determined to celebrate Joel’s birthday with him! Will he celebrate his 13th birthday…or will this uninvited party guest cancel the plans…or worse?

In El chico global by Leslie Davison, Liam Bradley is a global kid (who happens to be pals with Brandon Brown!). He’s lived in several countries and just found out his next adventure is Singapore. What he really wants, however, is to spend more time with his busy dad. One day, his life turns upside down when he gets a mysterious message, setting in motion a fast-paced scramble to find his missing dad…on another continent!

Everyone loves Brandon Brown! Did you know that there is a NEW addition to the Brandon Brown series by Carol Gaab? In Brandon Brown hace trampa, we meet Liam Bradley, the star of El chico global! Liam is a new student with a lot of secrets. Brandon is determined to discover his secrets and know exactly why everyone must “take precautions” and “stay alert.” His suspicions get the best of him, and he’s caught in the act of…CHEATING?! Will Brandon discover the truth and escape the penalty for cheating?

Fluency Matters is known for fun and compelling readers, but we also believe that many students LOVE cultural settings and dream of their own future travel adventures! We have so many awesome selections if culture is what you seek! In Vector, students are plunged into the dangers faced by workers building the Panama canal! Leyendas impactantes (New this fall! Now available!) brings you six authentic legends from Latin America in TWO versions each! Novice and Intermediate! La Guerra Sucia chronicles the harrowing experiences of an American journalist in Argentina during the Dirty War. And La hija del sastre brings the strife of the Spanish civil war to life.

New this fall, coming in November, is 48 horas by Carrie Toth! 48 horas is a survival story about college students trying to find their way to safety on a lava flow in the Galapagos! Will Sonia’s decisión save her or doom her? All she wanted was to learn about tortoises and now she is in a fight for her life! You won’t want to miss this story! It is 2 levels under one cover: Novice high and Intermediate low.

One of our specialties at Fluency Matters is capturing the compelling stories of real people! Our biographies are top notch! New this fall, coming in November, is Libertad by Rita Barrett. After years of oppression, Dionisio can no longer tolerate living in Cuba under Fidel’s iron fist. He longs for freedom and faces what seems to be impossible odds of finding it. He is shunned by his countrymen, abused by his government, and rejected by his family. This is the riveting true story of Dionisio’s search for freedom during Cuba’s dark history of its communist regime. You won’t be able to put this one down!

We offer a variety of thrillers in our collection of titles! Students and adults alike will LOVE these suspenseful and fast-paced adventures! New this fall, coming in November, is Tezcatlipoca by Chris Roberts and Carol Gaab. Tezcatlipoca is a supernatural murder mystery that will keep you guessing! A police detective discovers some very strange connections between 2 murders. Will he tie up the loose ends before he becomes the next victim?






NEW Teacher’s Guides now available:
Leyendas impactantes Teacher’s Guide

coming November 2018:
Mata la piñata Teacher’s Guide
Brandon Brown hace trampa Teacher’s Guide

coming December 2018:
El chico global Teacher’s Guide
48 horas Teacher’s Guide
Libertad Teacher’s Guide

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