TIP #1

Remember to download your ‘User Data’ as soon as you finish uploading your student list!


This is an important step if you are allowing the system to auto-generate your students’ email, username and/or password. If you are uploading student’s using Google Classroom be sure to download your user data as you cannot pre-assign passwords.  If you forget, simply use the CHANGE PASSWORD feature on the Group Registration page. You always have the ability to change student passwords.


DNLD User data screenshot

TIP #2

You can include as much or as little information as you wish for first and last name.

(i.e. initials, first few letters of either name, student ID number, code words, character or letter sets, etc.)


Do NOT include punctuation like apostrophes or commas. O’Connor  Oconnor.

Tip #3

Be sure to use the dropdown arrow to select the applicable group to which you are adding students.


Select Group pic

Tip #4

Be sure to add the 6 headers to your CSV file, EXACTLY as shown:

(Download and use the template from the Group Registration page to ensure headers are correct.)

ID     user_email       user_login       first_name         last_name           user_pass

Tip #5

If you want the system to auto-generate user data:

1. Leave the respective column(s) empty, but be sure to leave the headers intact. Auto-generated data applies to user_email, user_login, and/or password. If you leave that column blank, the system will auto-generate the data.


2. Be sure to download the User Data immediately upon completion of the upload. You will need to communicate all of the auto-generated log-in information to your students.

Tip #6

Keep in mind that if your students do not use Email to register/enroll:

• Students  will NOT be able to receive any email messages from FluencyMatters.com.

• YOU, the TEACHER will be in charge of your student accounts/log-in information. 

• YOU should download the user data  sheet (See Tip #1) as it is the ONLY way you will receive a record of your students’ log-in/account information.*

*If you pre-assigned email, user login username) and password, you already have this information on your csv file. 

Tip #7

Pre-assign passwords and user names.

(This is a suggestion, not a requirement.)



Assign every student the same ‘default’ password and require them to change their password the first time they log into their profile. We recommend that students change their password to the same password they use on other Learning Management Systems/portals.



Assign a user name that students will remember easily, since they will need it every time they log into FluencyMatters.com. If students have a common user name that they use on other systems, you may want to assign the same user name. We strongly advise AGAINST using a social security number, birthdate or other sensitive information in the user name or other data field. Creating a pattern for each user name will help you easily communicate student log-in. For example, combine the first 4 letters of the last name followed by the first 3 letters of the first name.

EXAMPLE: John Smith = SmitJoh; JoAnn Smith = SmitJoA; etc.


NOTE: User names must be UNIQUE. If the system recognizes a duplicate, it will automatically add a series of random numbers after the user name. To avoid the random assignment, make sure you create user names that will be unique. You may choose to add a subset of numbers or characters after the user name to increase the likelihood that the name is not already in use.

EXAMPLE: John Smith = SmitJoh543; JoAnn Smith = SmitJoA543; etc.

Tip #8




A  teacher always has the ability to change a student’s password on the ‘Group Registration’ page. Just click the “Change Password” button next to the student’s name and enter a password into the field. You will then need to inform your student of the new password.


If students are enrolled with a valid email, they can change their own password using the password reset feature on FluencyMatters.com. Just click Forgot password, enter your email address, and the system will send a link to reset your password. 

Tip #9


There are two ways to log into FluencyMatters.com.


a) User Name (user_login) and Password.
b) Email (whether it’s a fake address or a real one) and Password.


If you are pre-assigning a user name, make sure it is something the student will remember… unless you enjoy incessantly emailing your students. If you do not pre-assign a user name, be sure to include enough data for first and last name so that the system can auto generate a logical, memorable user name.

Tip #10


Read “How to Enroll Students.

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