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The Fundamentals of Acquisition-driven Instruction™:

Successful language learners have one thing in common: Exposure to Comprehensible Input! Experience the power of Acquisition-driven Instruction (ADI) via a live demonstration in a rare language. Learn and experience powerful strategies to deliver CI in ways that will engage learners, deepen comprehension and ultimately lead to communicative competence. Discover how to use Acquisition-driven Instruction to naturally sustain interaction in the Target Language and instinctively help students develop FLUENCY in the Target Language.

Full or half-day Workshop

TPRS (Teaching Proficiency through Reading and Storytelling)

TPR Storytelling®, originally created and trademarked by Blaine Ray (of Blaine Ray Workshops/TPRS Books), is a powerful method for providing CI in an engaging and spontaneous way. Learn the 3 steps to TPRS, the art of asking circling questions and personalized questions, and the ultimate skill of story-asking. Discover how easy it is to implement reading in the language classroom and how to avoid anchoring yourself to textbook instruction.

1- to 3-day Workshop (See TPRS workshop content for details.)

Reading Activities Sure to Inspire a ‘LIKE’

Reading is the perfect platform for facilitating language acquisition, and innovative CI-based reading activities are an ideal way to turn an ordinary reading into CCCI (Compelling, Contextualized, Comprehensible Input). Learn how to deepen comprehension, inspire HOT (higher order thinking) boost reader engagement and accelerate acquisition through powerful activities that are easy to implement and sure to leave students looking for the ‘LIKE’ button!

3-hour Workshop

Guided Reading Strategies for Language Learners

Reading is a powerful tool for facilitating language acquisition among literate individuals, but what if learners are reluctant or weak readers? Learn how to make any type of text comprehensible to readers, regardless of literacy level, how to engage readers both cognitively and emotionally and how to use reading to enhance and accelerate acquisition. Discover quick and easy techniques for linking meaning, using decoding activities to develop an ear for the language and 4Q strategies to deepen comprehension and inspire higher order thinking.

3-hour Workshop

Inspiring and Acquiring through Music

Music is universally one of the most powerful mood enhancers that exist, but did you know that it is also one of the most effective and timeless tools for acquisition? Learn how to use music and song lyrics to rapidly deepen reading and listening comprehension, how to naturally inspire the interpretive mode of language, how to effortlessly sustain interpersonal communication and how to naturally engage students in higher order thinking. You’ve seen the iceberg…Don’t miss what lies below the surface!

1-hour session or 2- to 3-hour workshop

Backward Planning from Novels and other Resources

Tired of being anchored to a dry curriculum with little room for creativity or experiential learning? Learn how other teachers have revamped their curriculum and their instruction using a variety of engaging resources, including novels, videos, background readings, music, memes, public service announcements, etc. Learn how to prioritize content and streamline instruction into a logical flow that naturally leads students down the path of language acquisition.

Half- or full-day Workshop

Using Videos to Deliver Comprehensible Input

Videos are an ideal tool to ensure student engagement and a powerful tool for facilitating continuous interaction in L2. Learn how to use videos to inspire interpersonal communication/exceed the 90% target. From preview to review, attendees will see exactly how to set the stage for blockbuster acquisition!

1-hour session or 3-hour Workshop

Movie Talk Magic

Many teachers have discovered the power of Movie Talk in short bursts, but how can teachers sustain the magic over the course of time? In this interactive session you will learn MovieTalk basics, along with some unique strategies to keep the approach fresh, inspire HOT and extend the process in multiple ways to maximize SLA.

3-hour workshop

Inspiring Higher-order Thinking Using Level-appropriate Language

Comprehensible Input is the key to facilitating language acquisition, and compelling input is the key to maintaining student engagement. Learn how to keep input comprehensibly compelling and how to simultaneously enhance acquisition by inspiring students to use high-order thinking skills– in the Target Language! Discover practical, yet powerful strategies that will naturally facilitate acquisition and coincidentally meet CCSS.

1- to 2-hour workshop

Differentiated Questioning Techniques

Questions are the single most effective way to engage learners in the interpersonal mode of language. Learn how to ask a wide variety of questions that are personalized and comprehensible to beginning language learners and how to modify questions to accommodate for different proficiency levels. Learn tricks and tips for asking questions in a way that provide learners the language necessary to answer your questions–in the target language– and discover subtle nuances that will make your questions both believable and engaging to all ages and ability levels.

1-hour session or 2- to 3-hour workshop

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