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Pre-teaching: Cameroun

Consider developing a webquest for students that encourage them to explore Cameroun via video.  Offering students the choice of which videos to browse based on their interests will encourage students to experience the content rather than hunting for a correct answer.  Categories on the webquest my include geography, history, politics, language, music, food, or any other cultural items that you’d like to emphasize. 


Study Abroad in Yaoundé

Cameroun within Africa, Afrique en Minature (en francais rapide)

Kribi by Drone

video slide show of Kribi

Cameroonian Music

Article : Musicians from Cameroon you should know


Chapitre 1: 

Singer: Charlotte Dipanda

Song message: Family, community, connectedness.  (Nathalie is leaving her sister in the US, will she find someone else on her trip that she will experience kinship with?)

Video message: modern and traditional Cameroonian dress, textiles, and bidonville structure.  Solidarity with Black Panthers: influence of American culture in Cameroon. 


Chapitre 2: 

Look at a map of Cameroon. Point out Douala, Yaoundé, Kribi, the main bodies of water. What countries border Cameroon?

Volcanic Activity in Cameroon

To read an article about a specific volcano eruption, see this story online:


Vlog : Douala et Kribi


Chapitre 3: 

La Cuisine camerounaise

Preparing Flour from Casava: the entire process from start to finish in a family business

How to peel Casava, and Knife safety: Excellent prompt for discussing how NOT to use a knife. She never cuts herself, but the students will be in suspense! A fun brain break.

How to make Casava tots – Students watch and discuss parts of the video

How to make Beignets de Casava: A cameroonian woman in the US makes beignets with familiar ingredients 

Visit this website with your students. “Réserve des Amis des Oiseaux

Chapitre 4 

Les top 4 choses à connaître sur le perroquet gris d’Afrique.

Bird areas of Cameroun

Joyeux anniversaire

Chapitre 5

Petra en anglais sur YouTube 

Einstein at the zoo

Enzo Le jacot français


Chapitre 6

Élevage Le gris du gabon

Bird sanctuary

Rescue, rehabilitation, and release of African grey parrots at Limbe Wildlife Centre

Limbe Wildlife Centre 


Chapitre 7

Au Zimbabwe, une brigade armée entièrement composée de femmes protège les animaux sauvages.: includes French subtitles.  

Articles about poachers, useful for teacher background info. May be too graphic or disturbing to students.  Consider your audience.  

Chapitre 9

Hike in Campo Ma’an national park, excellent background for Reader’s Theatre





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