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How are Fluency Matters readers different from traditional TPRS books?


Fluency Matters offers a wide range of compelling leveled readers specifically designed to facilitate language acquisition. All readers are strategically written with a manageable number of unique words, making them highly comprehensible to even novice-level students.


High-frequency vocabulary is masterfully woven into a compelling story, which inconspicuously provides repeated exposure to key language structures and pleasantly leads students down the path to proficiency.  Learners naturally and efficiently acquire authentic language and learn to love reading (in the Target Language) in the process.


Fluency Matters readers are unrivaled in their effectiveness for sustaining student engagement and developing proficiency. Each reader meets specific criteria, including a level-appropriate unique-word count, a high frequency factor (the number of exposures to core language structures within a text), and a captivating plot that appeals to all genders and age groups.


Choose from a wide variety of genres: nonfiction, fiction, historical, cultural, humor, adventure and sci-fi. Regardless of the level or the genre, you can bank on a riveting read–every time!

Readers are leveled by unique word count, sentence complexity and vocabulary frequency or level. Unique word counts range from 75 unique words (novice-low) to 600 (intermediate-mid).  The goal is to sweep students away with a story that is so enjoyable and compelling that students don’t even ‘notice’ it is in the Target Language. The end result is the acquisition of the most frequently used words in the language.

50 function words in English make up 60% of spoken language.
~Mark Davies, Frequency Dictionary