Win-win Situation!
Yup, Fluency Matters is ready to give free books to up to TEN winners.

Read on to learn how to win a free class set of (25) readers
or a Class E-course Subscription for up to 150 students!

Most people think of the word “win” in terms of material things. It’s always fun to win ‘things’, but the happiness that accompanies winning material things is generally temporary, depending on what you’ve won. There are a number of ‘prizes’ that bring lasting joy, like a class set of comprehension-based readers, for example! Teachers often write to tell us what a lasting gift the readers have been. Fan mail is always great to receive, but truly the most meaningful letters we receive are typically from grateful teachers who write to say ‘thank you’.

Every time a teacher tells us that our readers serve as an agent for positive change in the classroom and a catalyst for facilitating acquisition, our hearts grow just a little bigger. Hands-down, teachers tell us that the single most potent element that helped them shift to SLA-driven instruction has been Fluency Matters readers, and THAT is why we continue to refine, revise and create comprehension-based readers. That is also why we price them at the lowest possible price point and continue to give as many away as possible. We want everyone to experience the lasting joy of teaching for acquisition!

Fluency Matters comprehension-based readers have definitely proven to be a powerful tool for helping teachers facilitate acquisition, but we would be remiss if we did not also mention another very important catalyst for change, and that is a PLC (Professional Learning Community). There are so many powerhouse educators who generously help others learn and grow, and quite frankly, Fluency Matters readers would not maintain their excellent standards if it were not for our PLC. We could not possibly mention all the educators who have helped us along the way; we can only impress upon you that excellence is not achieved alone!

If you are flying solo in your CI Journey, we highly encourage you to seek out others to help you along the way! There are scads of wonderful blogs that continually provide support and strategies for success. If you do not yet subscribe to CI Peek, we encourage you to start there. We feature guest bloggers, in addition to posts from our powerhouse team, Kristy Placido, Carrie Toth, Teri Wiechart and Carol Gaab. We also encourage you to check out Twitter! Look for @placido, @senoraCMT, @CarolGaab, @FluencyMatters, @Sonrisadelcampo, @MartinaBex, @SharonBirch, and others!

If you are reading this blog, it is highly likely that you discovered us through a colleague or you met us at a language conference. The sharing of ideas doesn’t happen without a PLC and it doesn’t happen without sharing in some way or another. I applaud all of the bloggers, Tweeters and Facebook sharers, and at the same time I challenge you to share outside your comfort zone! Our online network is an amazing resource and a comfortable one! I also highly encourage you all to share in places that may not feel quite so safe and comfortable. I encourage you to present at your state and regional language conferences!

There are many teachers who will never receive the very help and support that you and the Fluency Matters team have received if they don’t find you and SLA-driven instruction at a mainstream event. Our profession needs to hear from SLA-driven instructors. Our profession needs YOU!

If you are still reading this post, it means you are wondering how in the heck you can be one of ten people to win a class set of Fluency Matters readers. As way of thanking our current subscribers and challenging non-subscribers to learn and grow with us, we are implementing a subscriber drawing. We will also be at ACTFL, encouraging conference attendees to subscribe. It’s a win-win situation! You’ll win an amazing PLC and a chance to win either a class set (25) of one Fluency Matters reader or a class subscription for up to 150 students for one E-course. We’ll have up to TEN drawings depending on the number of subscribers we get:

1000 subscribers: 3 drawings, 3 winners
1500 subscribers: 5 drawings, 5 winners
2000 subscribers: 10 drawings, 10 winners

The drawing will be held in Booth #907 at ACTFL, 4p.m., Saturday, November 18, 2017. Winners will be notified via email and broadcast on Twitter, Facebook and CI Peek.

Read terms & conditions.

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