How will you benefit from our training?

The extensive experience of our presenters means that you receive training that is specifically designed for teachers of all ages and levels.

  • Demonstrations of a wide variety of CI-based strategies, video clips of strategiest in action in real classrooms, role plays, sample lessons, hands-on practice and handouts to provide follow-up support
  • Concise, step-by-step instruction for incorporating TPRS (Teaching Proficiency Through Reading and Storytelling) and other CI-based approaches into your existing lessons and curriculum.
  • Cutting-edge instructional strategies, which raise the bar for student proficiency and overall communicative competency
  • Easy-to-implement, effective reading strategies which accelerate language acquisition and increase reading comprehension while developing students who love to read in the target language
  • Proven techniques that demonstrate why TPRS is one of the most talked-about, lasting methodologies used to achieve true communicative competence
  • Powerful questioning strategies that can be immediately implemented in any language classroom, regardless of one’s skill / experience with TPRS
  • Proven principles and best practices to develop students who achieve measurable fluency in the Target Language after every class
  • Powerful, proven strategies for strengthening your foreign language program and lowering attrition rates
  • Story-based strategies proven to accelerate and enhance the language acquisition process
  • Easy-to-implement personalization techniques that will engage even your most reluctant language learners
  • Innovative and effective reading strategies that will increase comprehension and help students develop a love for reading in the target language
  • Tips for creating cognitively-engaging and culturally-connected lessons
  • Ways to effortlessly improve grammatical accuracy by teaching grammar in context
  • Practical, easy-to-implement strategies for creating lessons based on the Standards for Foreign Language Learning
  • Powerful activities that are so fun, engaging and effective that students won’t even realize they are “learning”
  • Comprehension checks that encourage and guide students to communicate exclusively in the Target Language
  • Differentiated questioning techniques that ensure success for even your most hard-to-reach/teach students
  • Scaffolded reading techniques that help ALL students, regardless of literacy level and linguistic ability, to reach their full potential
  • Simple, effective ways to assess students and develop appropriate rubrics to measure student achievement in the target language
  • Easy tricks to convert your classroom into a language- and culture-rich environment
  • Classroom-proven techniques to modify your current foreign language lessons/materials to more effectively meet the needs of your students
  • Fun and easy ways to create a low-stress language learning environment that promotes student confidence and enthusiasm
  • Less is more! How to strategically simplify your current lessons to get more language learning out of your students
  • Innovative ways to organize and prioritize your current collection of instructional strategies to make your lessons even more effective
  • Classroom-proven activities that will increase student participation and maximize classroom use of the target language
  • Valuable insight into what it’s like to be a beginning language learner and strategies you can immediately implement to enhance and accelerate acquisition


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